Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Frailty

My frailty was you, perfectly damaged you. What was at first forever, slowly faded, into something more like maybe never. Yet I remained steadfast for you, shunning all else who came. For simply complicated you.

Even when you said when we have nothing left to lose, I still remained true.

I still do.

I still do.

My frailty is still you, and I have nothing left to lose, except, for perhaps you. The one thing I'd never wish to lose. That fate has however already come true. So now all I am left with is,

my frailty of you.

Did you think you were undeserving?

If either seemed true, it was neither of the two. It was always only you, impeccably faulty you.

Did I seem self serving?

I adored my frailty of you.

Somewhere I still do.

I still do...

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