Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Gemini - IX - The Devil's God

Sarah awoke from a horrible dream – one of pain and murder. She had no idea who she was and why she was where she was, but she’d come to accept that. She had no recollection of who she was before or who the Good Samaritan was, but she was safe. But these dreams have started taking their toll on her. Cuts, blood, excruciating pain… those were the feelings that she felt whenever she had them. As she walked past a few battered women at the facility she was in, she reminded herself how lucky she was that she didn’t remember what had happened to her.

Vernon watched Sarah as she walked about her room. “it’s time that she knew who she was..” he mused to himself. He followed her as inconspicuously as he could considering his surroundings. “Julian is not going to know what hit him…” he thought to himself.

Julian awoke to find himself covered in blood. It felt good. No… more than good. He felt more alive than what he had felt since as long as he could remember. “I AM me… and that is more that I could ever want or need!” he exclaimed to himself. He looked at the boy, he’d managed to stem the flow of blood from his Achilles tendon but he knew that it was only a matter of time before the boy would be paralysed due to the wounds inflicted on him. “Fuck him… I got and need what I do to get Vernon now” he thought to himself.

Julian walked through the streets aimlessly not looking at people in particular, when he noticed one person. That hair… that grace of movement. It couldn’t be. Jeanette? Sarah watched the guy looking at him, admiring his gestures and obvious admiration.

Julian couldn’t believe the similarities in her. His mind must be playing tricks on him. His heart quickened as he approached her.

“There we go… fucking IDIOT!!!”, Vernon thought to himself as he watched the hapless two get closer.

As Julian watched the young woman walking aimlessly he pondered his options. Thoughts of “should I talk to her or not” sprung through his mind. Then he remembered what he became, “she would never think of me like that…” he thought to himself.

Sarah found him strange, the look on his face made her know that he was interested, but there was something strange about the way he looked at her – like he knew her. That didn’t make her feel any different about the tingles she felt through her body every time she could feel his eyes on her.

Julian took his time, scalpel kept close at hand, while he watched the two mingle. He watched Julian exchange one or two arbitrary words with her and then watched them part their ways. He bided his time until she was alone and made his move. As Julian made his move there was a flurry of movement as a small body moved itself between himself and his target.

As Julian struck out at his nemesis a tiny body moved in front of him, right in the path of the scalpel blade and, before he could stop himself, proceeded to slide itself through the little person’s skin and sinews. “It’s that little fucker…” he thought to himself.

There was so much running through Vernon’s mind, “Why did that shit protect him”, topped the list of his questions. He still had the better end of the deal though. The object of Julian’s affection was ‘alive’. He took the time to find her… he wasn’t stupid after all he mused to himself.

Reynold thought about how and what he had done in his life as the last of his life flashed before his eyes, when a light shone on him. He couldn’t hear the sirens or screams as his body had reverted to one thing… keeping him alive. As he looked up he saw the eyes of Inspector Cameldo. “Help me please”, were the only words that could come out of his mouth.

Julian had to run away from what he had seen… from what he had to do and from what he had become. The cops weren’t far but he knew he could give them the ditch. He knew that all he wanted was Vernon… nothing more… nothing less. But that woman – why did she look at him the way she did? Why did she look so much like Jeannete?

“Yes… it is working… He is mine… so much for your “Holy Grail” you worthless piece of SHIT!”. Vernon reveling his victory over Julian. “This is why you are so WEAK!”... but there was something that dogged him.

As he looked through at what was and what is, Julian found himself wondering what was right and what was wrong. Where had he lost it all? Why did he just not give a damn anymore? Why is it that he finds himself being on the opposite side of the law? Where is that woman that has cause him this change of heart?

Vernon looked at the unconscious body of Sarah. “You stupid and misguided little COW!... Let me help you out of your misery…”, as he looked at her with a glint that only a psychopath could.

“I need to change my life for her”, Julian thought to himself. He knew that he couldn’t do it for himself – but for her… to make her life worth more that what it was and what it should have been.


We have so much we want to live for… so much we have to live for. Yet we find ourselves wanting something… more. We look to people for acknowledgement and for acceptance. But the person who we should be looking to is one more closer to home – ourselves. At the end of the day, we are who we are… nothing more and nothing less. But when you think about it, we end up looking to others for what we should be looking to ourselves for. So, who is your devil’s God?